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Faith Is a Three-Legged Stool

$9.00 each + $3.00 shipping per book

154 pages – This is one of the most important books a new disciple
can read in addition to the Bible, for it stresses the role of faith,
agape (love) and obedience in every Christian’s life.

The Planting of the Lord

$13.00 each + $3.00 shipping per book

320 pages – A teaching workbook, suitable for individual as well
as classroom study. This organizes vital discipleship topics and
gives clear instruction on each, and self-examination questions.

Spiritual Life Checkup

$7.00 each + $3.00 shipping per book

138 pages – Here are numerous mandates God expects of His
children and according to 2 Corinthians 5:13, we must examine
ourselves to ensure we meet His expectations.


$11.00 each + $3.00 shipping per book

178 pages – Complacency in American Christianity has derailed
many from maturity in Christ. Here is how to return to the path
of acquiring the character demonstrated for us by Jesus Christ.

40 Questions to Ask Before Judgment Day

$6.00 each + $3.00 shipping per book

96 pages – A sobering review of the issues every person will be
held accountable for on Judgment Day. Written especially for
those friends and loved ones whose faith might be weak or null.

Once Saved, Always Saved?

$9.00 each + $3.00 shipping per book

148 pages – A concise study of the doctrine some call “Eternal
Security.” Is it true that all you need for eternal life is to confess
belief in Jesus and repeat a prayer? The Biblical answer is here.

Little Book of Crucial Understanding

Little Book of Crucial Understanding

$5.00 each + $3.00 shipping per book

96 pages – A clear presentation of the Gospel message for
nominal Christians and unbelievers, with many “whys” and
“hows” answered for those untrained in God’s Word.


Gospel Tracts –

Customizable with your name/logo & contact info. Due to the short attention spans of
many, all tracts are limited to approximately 300 words, printed in black ink on white bond, four pages folded to 2.75” X 4.25”. A short prayer of commitment is positioned on the back panel and may be replaced with your custom 75-80-word prayer.

A Loving God Wouldn’t Send Anyone to Hell… WOULD He?

$80.00/400 +Shipping OR PDF Layout (You Print) $20.00

What Are You Getting In Exchange for Your Soul?

$80.00/400 + Shipping OR PDF Layout (You Print) $20.00

Will You Be Among the Many… Or the Few?

$80.00/400 + Shipping OR PDF Layout (You Print) $20.00

What Is This World Coming To?

$80.00/400 + Shipping OR PDF Layout (You Print) $20.00

Are You Denying Jesus?

$80.00/400 + Shipping OR PDF Layout (You Print) $20.00